The Hostel is available to all residents from the day University opens till last day of their respective semester/annual University examination/submission of dissertation/thesis. All residents shall vacate their room within seven days of completion of their respective examinations or completion of statutory period/submission of dissertation or thesis.
  1. Residents must bring their own crockery and cutlery for use in their rooms.
  2. Each resident must bring her own mattress, pillow, blanket, linen, curtains, bucket, mug and table lamp. The Hostel will not provide these items.
  3. With respect to closure of the Hostel Gate i.e. entry and exit time, residents of the Hostel shall not be allowed to leave the Hostel premises after 10.00 p.m. If any resident comes after the scheduled time, she must inform in the hostel office in advance, failing which her parent/LG will be informed.
  4. All the residents should sign their attendance at 10.00 p.m. All the residents must be present unless prior leave has been granted. The resident must mark her attendance in person on time. Disciplinary action will be taken against the resident who violated the attendance rule repeatedly and also against the resident who is found to mark attendance for other resident. If a resident do not mark their attendance three days, a warning mail of disciplinary action will be sent to the resident. Inspite of the above warning by the hostel, if a resident again breaks the rule of marking attendance two times, strict disciplinary action will be taken against the resident without any further warning.
  5. Every resident is responsible for proper maintenance of the Hostel property. Residents will be charged three times the actual cost of the damaged item of the hostel property they use, individually or collectively, as the case may be.
  6. No resident is allowed to shift from the room allotted to her to another room. No furniture should be shifted from one room to another without prior written permission of the Hostel administration. The administration shall have the right to shift any resident to another room with a view to ensure double occupancy of rooms in the Hostel.
  7. The responsibility of keeping their rooms clean and tidy will rest with the residents.
  8. As per University decision, residents are required to produce ‘No dues’ certificate from the Hostel office for obtaining admission ticket for the Semester/Annual examinations.
  9. A resident must hand -over the complete charge of her room, while vacating the Hostel accommodation after paying all her dues and must obtain gate pass at least three days before vacating the Hostel. A copy of the gate pass is to be handed over to the Security Guard on duty before leaving the Hostel premises. The residents are not allowed to hand over the keys of their rooms to any person other than the Hostel officials.
  10. In case any resident remains away from the Hostel without informing the Hostel administration in writing, it will be presumed that she has left the Hostel and Hostel administration reserves the right to take possession of the room and re-allot it to another eligible student. The luggage of the resident concerned, if any, will be deposited in the store/any other room of the hostel. If the luggage is not claimed within three months, the Hostel Administration may dispose it off in any manner considered suitable. A penal rent @ Rs.3 0/- per day in addition to the normal charges for the period during which the luggage remains unclaimed shall be payable by the concerned person.
  11. Admission shall be terminated in the case of a resident against whom disciplinary action has been taken by a Faculty/Department/College/Hostel of the University of Delhi.
  12. The room/s of resident/s shall be double-locked if at any given point of time hostel and mess dues outstanding towards them exceed the amount of Hostel caution money.
  13. Lights and fans should always be switched off while leaving the rooms, common room, library etc.
  14. Battery operated transistor, music systems may be played at a low volume so as not to disturb other residents.
  15. Residents should intimate in writing to the office immediately any changes in the addresses and telephone number of their parents/husband and in case of local guardian duly verified by the parents/husband.
  16. The Provost/Warden/Resident Tutor/Block Tutor or their nominee shall have the right to enter the resident’s room to make a surprise check or for an inquiry/search, as and when considered necessary.
  17. Residents are expected to give due respect to hostel staffs (office employees, mess workers, safai karamcharis, malis and security staff, etc.). If and when residents encounter any problem with or notice any lapse on the part of any employee, she may report the same to the Block Tutor/Resident Tutor/Warden. In case the resident/s is/are not satisfied with the action taken by the Resident Tutor/Warden in this regard, the matter may be brought to the notice of the Provost.
    However, residents shall not take the law in their own hands and do anything to hurt the honour and dignity of the Hostel employees. Any act of misconduct towards the hostel employees on the part of a resident will be treated as an act of serious breach of discipline & liable for disciplinary action/fine upto Rs. 2500/-.
  18. No notices will be put up on any of the notice boards of the Hostel without written permission/signature of the administration. Sticking of unauthorized bills, posters or notices in any of the public spaces within the Hostel premises is strictly prohibited and violation of this provision shall be treated as an act of serious indiscipline on the part of the defaulter.
  19. Residents are expected to come to the dining hall, common room, visitor’s room and the office properly dressed. The Reading Room and Computer Room will remain open for the time as decided by the authorities.
  20. Residents are advised not to entertain their visitors at the Hostel gate.
  21. Residents are required to abide by all instructions from the Hostel authorities, which are displayed on the Notice Board from time to time or conveyed otherwise.
  22. Residents are expected to participate actively in the various Hostel activities including running of the mess, cultural activities, library, maintenance of garden, computer facility or any other duty assigned to the resident/s by the Provost/Warden/Resident Tutor/Block Tutor.
  23. The residents are not allowed to engage any person for personal services. No employee of the Hostel should be asked to do personal job by any resident.
  24. General complaints regarding civil/electrical work on the floor should be reported in writing to the Caretaker with a copy to the Resident Tutor/Warden.
  25. Any resident found carrying mess utensils outside the Dinning Hall will be subjected to fine.
  26. Uncleaned utensils of residents found in the pantry of any floor will be disposed off and a fine will be imposed on the residents of that particular floor collectively.
  27. Any complaint regarding mess must be immediately brought to the notice of the Housekeeper/Warden.
  28. Possession/use of alcoholic drinks, narcotics, drugs and smoking are strictly prohibited in the Hostel premises. Heavy fines (Rs.10,000) will be charged from the defaulters and/or expulsion from the hostel.
  29. Any Resident found forging parents/authorized guardians’ signature, will be expelled from the hostel.
  30. The use of electrical appliances such as heater, blower, electric iron, immersion rod etc. in the Hostel rooms by the residents is strictly forbidden. If any electrical appliance upto 500W is found during the surprise visit, a fine of Rs. 500/- per item will be levied. If any electrical appliance of more than 500W is found, a fine of Rs. 2000/- per item will be levied as well as disciplinary action may be initiated. The same can be kept in the hostel office for one week. Within the week, the resident must take the appliance from the hostel.
  31. Keeping and use of LPG cylinder in the Hostel rooms by the residents is an offence since it may be fatal. A fine of Rs.2000/- would be charged if any resident will found to possess for violating the rule.
  32. A fine of Rs. 50/- on per item per day will be levied on retaining the sports items for personal use for more than two days.
  33. Only small portable plastic/dessert coolers of size 15’’ and 250 Voltage are allowed. Charges for using cooler is Rs.500/- per month. Residents using Air Coolers are required to keep them clean and disinfect them regularly to prevent spreading of Dengue and Malaria. If any penalty is imposed by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi in this regard, the resident concerned shall have to pay the same.
  34. The residents are warned not to tamper with the electrical installations in the rooms or in the Hostel premises inclusive of Water pump. Disciplinary action will be taken against those who violate these rules.
  35. All residents are required to keep their Identity cards/leave book ready for inspection by the Gate Keepers/mess manager and Hostel authorities.
  36. The residents should keep their rooms locked as and when they go out of their rooms. The Hostel is not responsible for loss of valuable due to theft or fire. However, any case of theft is to be reported immediately to the Hostel authorities. Residents are requested not to leave their belongings in the verandah, balcony, garden, laundry, washroom etc. Unclaimed items shall be confiscated by the Hostel officials.
  37. Residents who discontinue their studies in the middle of the session shall inform the Hostel office in writing and vacate the Hostel accommodation immediately after clearing the dues.
  38. Forcible eviction shall be undertaken by the Eviction Committee constituted by the Provost and if necessary, with the inclusion of the University Security/Proctorial staff.
  39. Residents are required to abide by all rules and instructions given in the Bulletin of Information and which are notified on the Notice Board from time to time.
  40. At the time of admission every students shall be required to sign a declaration that she submits herself to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Vice-Chancellor, the Provost and other authorities, who may be vested with the authority to exercise discipline under the Act, the Statutes and Ordinances including Ordinance XV-B, C and D and rules that have been framed by the University and the Hostel.
  41. Residents working on a temporary basis who continue to be bonafide students of the University of Delhi may be allowed to stay in the Hostel on payment of an amount as per rules. However, such residents will be allowed to stay for a maximum of six months only. All such residents must inform the office immediately on getting the job.

Hostel Fee

A: Caution Money: Rs. 7000/- (Refundable)

B: Annual Charges:
S.NoParticularsAmount in Rs.
1Admission fee200/-
2Hostel Development Charges600/-
3Identity card and night leave book60/-
4WUS Health Centre Charges240/-
5SWA fund /Cultural activities/ Sports fee1250/-
6Other fees & charges*8100/-
Total 10450/-

C: Quarterly Charges

S.NoParticularsAmount in Rs.
7Room rent300/-
8Housekeeping & Security expenses3635/-
9Garden and Lawns maintenance600/-
10Other Miscellaneous expenses**3200/-
Total 7735/-

*Annual electricity charge/ M/o Electrical accessories/ M/o Furniture/ Establishment Charges/ General Maintenance/ Common Facilities, (Garbage collection charges goes to MCD etc.
** Electricity charges, Water charges, Pump house operation, General maintenance etc.

D: Mess Charges

11Mess advance (one time)3500/-
12Monthly mess bill**2888/- (Including 5% GST)
*****Mess bill will be charged every month as fixed by Mess contractor based on menu to be served. The mess advance will be adjusted in the month a resident leaves the Hostel. No interest will be paid on mess advance.
The total amount payable at the time of admission:A + B + C + D = 7000+10450+7735+3500= Rs. 28685/-
The Electricity charges can be revised subject to increase in NDPL rates.

Charges which are not levied at present but will be charged annually only when the services will be provided.
S.NoParticularsAmount in Rs.
1Computer charges    1000/-
2Wi-Fi system600/-
Total 1600/-
Guest (stay for more than 15 days**)
Caution Money: Rs. 5000/- (Refundable)
Amount in Rs. per Month
S.NoParticularsAmount in Rs.
1Monthly Charges****    5140/-

Mess Advance3500/-
Mess Charges (Per Month)2888/- (Including 5% GST)

Guest (stay for less than 15 days*****) (For DU Students)
(Payment should be made in advance) Amount in Rs. per day.
S.NoParticularsAmount in Rs.
1Lodging and other charges    225/-

**** The guest residents are required to pay one-time charge of Rs. 700/- for the cultural activities at the time of admission.
*****15 days include days of occupying and vacating.

Guest (From other Universities or institutions for attending conferences etc.)
(Payment should be made in advance) Amount in Rs. per day

S.NoParticularsAmount in Rs.
1Lodging and other charges     280/-

Hostel Timings

All residents are required to be back in the Hostel by 10.00 p.m. sharp. It is the responsibility of every resident/guest who is present in the premises to sign herself present in the attendance register at 10.00 p.m. No residents/guests are allowed to leave the Hostel premises after 10.00 p.m.

Guests & Visitors


Guests :
Following guests may be allowed to stay with the written permission of the Hostel authorities:
  1. In special cases a day scholar, mother/sister of the residents is permitted to stay as guests, with prior permission of the Hostel administration.
  2. Any resident who wants to keep a female guest in the Hostel has to take prior permission by applying in the prescribed Form. Intimation of guest should be given to the House Keepers by 5 p.m.
  3. The permission to stay up to three nights in a month will be granted by the Housekeeper/Resident Tutor/Warden. Charges for night-guests are Rs.170/- per night (Rs.85/- per night stay on production of Identity Card, if the Guest is a bonafide student of University of Delhi) which has to be paid in advance.
  4. Full details of the guest are required to be entered in the Guest register at the Hostel gate. Guests are to sign the Guest Register at the time of entry and exit. The resident will be directly responsible for the conduct of her guest.
  5. Female guests of residents may have food in the Hostel mess by buying coupons available in the mess.
  6. The registered guests are required to be back in the Hostel in time and follow Hostel rules as laid down for residents of the Hostel. All applications for night leave have to be made as per rules with signatures of both the guest and the host.
  7. No guest will ordinarily be allowed to stay in the Hostel for more than three nights. In case an extension of stay is necessary, fresh permission may be sought from the Hostel authorities in writing. The maximum period of stay may not exceed seven days in a month.
  8. A student against whom any disciplinary action has been taken by any hostel or college/department of University of Delhi will not be allowed to stay in the Hostel as a resident or as a guest.
  9. Girl students coming from other Universities/Institutions for attending conferences in University of Delhi/doing short term projects in DU/consulting Delhi University Library etc. and the students under exchange programme are requested to submit their application through proper channel well in advance. Such guests needing accommodation for more than one month are required to deposit Rs.5000/-(refundable) in advance as caution money. They will be charged Rs.280/- for electricity and maintenance charge for the number of days, the guests wish to stay, in lieu of full month charges. However, electricity and maintenance charges will be charged for full month for the stay beyond fifteen days. They are also required to buy meal coupons from the office in advance. Since meals are compulsory during the stay in the Hostel so no concession will be given for skipping any meal (breakfast/lunch/tea/dinner). The permissible stay of students under exchange programme will be as per their exchange programme duration. Foreign students (except Tibetan students) under exchange programme will pay $100 as one time fee (non-refundable) in addition to above charges. Some single occupancy rooms with basic amenities may be available to mother/female relative of residents or guest researchers @ Rs. 550/ - per day.
  10. All guest charges including meals charges of the mess are to be paid in advance.
  11. Overnight stay of any UNAUTHORIZED PERSON/S in the Hostel will be considered to be a violation of the Hostel discipline. Any resident violating this rule shall be liable to disciplinary action and heavy penalty of Rs. 4000/-.
Timings and Rules for Visitors
Timing for Visitors
(a) Male Visitors
04.00 pm to 08.00 pm.- in week days
10.00 am to 01.00 pm; 04.00 pm to 08.00 pm.-Sunday and all University holidays.
(b) Female Visitors
08.00 am to 08.00 pm All days
Rules for Visitors
  1. Visitors are to be received only in the Visitor’s area.
  2. The residents are not permitted to receive male visitors either in the dining hall, common room or in their rooms of the Hostel.
  3. All visitors must leave the Hostel by the time specified above.
  4. No Guest will be allowed on Holi Festival Day.
  5. Proper entry of required details of guests of residents is mandatory in the register available with the Security Guard at Hostel gate.

Time of Mess & Dining Hall

The mess and dining hall will run on contract basis. The accounts of the mess shall be controlled by the Hostel office. A Mess Committee consisting of the Warden, Resident Tutor, Block Tutors and Students’ representatives, along with the Mess Contractor will decide the menu and other details in the beginning of term. The same has to be approved by the Provost.
Mess Committee and Mess Duties of Residents
The mess will be run under the general supervision of the Housekeeper, Warden and the Provost. The residents of the Hostel are expected to extend co-operation in running the Mess through the Mess Committee.
Mess duties of residents are compulsory and will be assigned by the House Keeper and the Warden. No resident shall proceed on leave with any pending Mess duty. Mess duty girls along with Housekeeper are required to:
  1. Report on duty at least 30 min. before each meal.
  2. Supervise the preparations of food in the kitchen.
  3. Check the proper cleaning of utensils.
  4. Keep a check on resident/worker regarding pilferage of utensils/food items
  5. Perform at least three mess duties in an academic year. Those who fail to perform the mess duties will be charged a fine of Rs. 300/- at the end of the session/academic year.
Mess Timings:
Breakfast : 07.30 am to 09.30 am (On working days)
08.00 am to 10.00 am (On Sunday and other holidays)
Lunch* : 12.30 pm to 02.30 pm
Evening tea : 05.00 pm to 06.00 pm
Dinner :07.30 pm to 09.30 pm
* Packed lunch will be given to resident/s in their own tiffin provided the request for the same is made during evening tea of the previous day. A register to this effect will be available in the Dining Hall.
Mess Rebate
Rebate on mess charges in case of absence with permission from the Hostel are as follows:
  1. No rebate is admissible for absence from the Hostel for less than 7 consecutive days excluding the days of departure and arrival. No rebate will be given to guests.
  2. During a term, a maximum of 15 days rebate @75% of the mess bill would be admissible. In one academic year, the maximum number of 60 days rebate @ 75% of mess bill will be admissible including University vacations.
  3. For research students, mess rebate would be admissible for a total period of 45 days in a year, or part there of beginning from 1st July, of the year of admission to 30 th June of the succeeding year in general, or 15 days per term or accumulated for 45 days if the resident so desires, provided she has stayed in the Hostel at least upto 31st October. In addition to 45 days, for field work as recommended by the supervisor and Head of the Department a maximum of 30 days mess rebate may be admissible in an academic year. No further waiver/rebate will be provided to any resident in this regard
  4. The residents have to apply for mess rebate on the prescribed form and get it signed by the House Keeper/Warden/Resident Tutor before proceeding on leave. If a student fails to apply for rebate before proceeding on leave, her application will not be entertained under any circumstance.
  5. The mess may remain closed during the summer vacation.
Mess Charges for a Guest per meal per day
Breakfast : Rs. 35/-
Lunch /dinner : Rs. 50/-
Tea & Snacks : Rs. 15/-
Note: Mess Guest Coupon charges are liable to change from time to time depending on menu, and as fixed from time to time by the Mess Committee.
Rules for Mess and Dining Hall
Food will not be served to the residents outside the Dining Hall. Food cannot be taken by the residents outside the Dining Hall without permission. In case of sickness, a resident may be allowed to have her diet in her room with prior permission of the Warden/Resident Tutor/Block Tutor. No utensils will be allowed to be taken out of the mess. In case of violation of this rule, the resident will be liable to disciplinary action.
A resident, who desires to entertain a female guest in the Dining Hall, shall purchase the requisite coupon, on production of her Hostel Identity Card.
Sale of coupons will be limited to the availability of food and will be sold on first come first serve basis.
Wastage of food is strictly forbidden and will be punished with a minimum fine of Rs. 100/- per meal.

Health, Bank & Post Office

  • The residents of the Hostel are members of the World University Service of North Campus/South Campus Health Centre of the University. The Center’s facilities are open to them at fixed timings notified by the centre. In case of illness, residents should contact the Health Centre for assistance. When the Health Centre is closed, the residents are advised to contact the Chief Medical Officer or other sources of assistance through the Provost, Warden and Resident Tutor. Health Centre membership forms are to be filled in at the time of admission to the Hostel.
  • Any case of illness should be immediately reported to the authorities. First Aid Box is available in the Hostel.
  • In case a resident falls ill with contagious/infectious disease, she will have to shift to her authorized guardian’s/parents’/husband’s house/Infectious Disease Hospital immediately. She will be allowed to rejoin the Hostel only upon her complete recovery. Fitness to rejoin the Hostel is to be obtained from the Delhi University WUS Health Centre. All such residents must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to the Hostel.
  • A Bank, Railway Reservation Centre, Bus Pass Centre and Post Office facility is available for residents in Utility Centre near the University of Delhi North campus main gate.

Student's Welfare Association

  • Subject to the discipline of the Hostel, the residents, may form the Students’ Welfare Association (SWA) for promoting academic, cultural and recreational activities only. The Provost, Warden and Resident Tutor shall have the right to attend any meeting of the SWA or its bodies.
  • No rule in the Constitution of the Residents’ SWA shall run counter to : i) University Act, Statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations, decision of Executive and Academic councils of the University; ii) rules/provision as approved by the Managing Committee of P.G. hostels and enshrined in the ‘Hand Book of Information and Rules’.
  • The President of the SWA shall take prior written permission of the Provost/Warden/Resident Tutor for all the functions that SWA intends to hold. The administration reserves the right to stop any activity which, according to the administration, goes against the conduciveness of the Hostel life or which is likely to lead to vitiation of the congenial atmosphere and harmony in the Hostel.
  • All functions of the SWA should end normally by 10.00 p.m. Prior permission, in writing, should be taken from the Provost/Warden/Resident Tutor in case the function is to be extended beyond that time.
  • The Expenditure incurred on SWA activities with the prior permission of the Hostel authorities shall be met from the SWA fund.
  • Any RGHG resident cannot hold the same position as an elected member of SWA for more than one academic session.

Undertaking against Ragging (Annexure I & II in the Bulletin) to be submitted at the time of interview. In addition the students are required to submit an anti-ragging affidavit available on ( & and mentioned the reference number generated thereof in the application form.
Address proof* of local guardians (with their signature) should be the same as mentioned in the Application form.

*The Local Guardians of the candidate should not be below 25 years and residential addresses of LG’s should be different.