Literary Society

The Literary Society of Rajiv Gandhi Hostel for Girls was launched on the occasion of Diwali 2019 i.e. 27th October 2019 under the leadership of Miss Juhi Sharma, Literary Secretary, RGHG for the session 2019-20 in association with the following students, who are the founding members of the Literary Society, RGHG :

Bhawna Priya
Final Year, M.A Philosophy

Priyasha Dutta
1st Year, M.A English

Sukannya Kar
1st Year, M.A English

Susmita Das
PhD Physics, 5th year

Mridul Kiku
Final Year, M.A English

Sikha Mohanty
Final Year, M.A English

Aastha Shukla
1st Year, LAW

Leimapokam Nancy Chanu
1st Year, M.Sc Physics

Harshita Sharma
1st year, Physics

Limi Saikia
Final Year, M.A Political Science

Eshita Mishra
Final Year, M.A Political Science

Pranami Gogoi
Final Year, M.A History

Ananya Hazarika
Final Year, M.A Political Science

Manisha Rawat
1st Year, LAW

Tazneem Rashid
Final Year, M.A History

Irom Valentina Devi
1st Year, M.Sc Botany

Priyambada Das
Final Year, M.A Hindi

Priyadarshani Das
Final Year, M.A Hindi

Shivani Singh Sengar
1st Year, M.A East Asian Studies

Nandita Bhaskar
Final Year, M.Sc Biomedical Sciences

Rashmi Kumari
Final Year, M.A History

Nikita Singh
Final Year, M.Sc Physics

Chimpi Konwar
Final Year, M.A Buddhist Studies

Parul Yadav
1st Year, LAW

Kritika Khatri
Final Year, M.A Political Science

Pasang Angmo
Final Year, M.A Buddhist Studies

Neha Panwar
2nd Year, M.Sc Botany

The Literary Society’s functionality is set around theme of environmentalism for the session 2019-20 by its founding team. The Literary Society has made its presence in the premises via various activities and events, including the initiation of the first Literature Festival at Rajiv Gandhi Hostel for Girls on 22nd and 23rd February 2020.


Event 1

This painting is a Christmas gift from the Literary Society to the larger hostel body. This art piece contains an eco-feminist narrative. Mother earth is feminine in her creative nature. And, women are synchronizing creative forces that are in synonymity with nature. The Literary Society stands for a greener planet. It voices for feminine accounts of nurturing to be upheld, that will help protect the planet. It stands for peace and is against masculine forces of war & destruction.
The painting says: "We want to see the earth change" which sends a strong environmental message. It is an artwork by Ananya Hazarika, Nikita Singh and Kanikka Sersia.

Event 2

The Literary Society members light up a sky lantern on the occasion of New Year 2020 making a wish for a greener planet.

Event 3

Literary Society, RGHG starts its wall magazine on 3rd January 2020 on one of the notice boards in the hostel premises.

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