About RGHG

Rajiv Gandhi Hostel for Girls (RGHG) is a resident Hostel for full-time postgraduate students and research scholars of the University of Delhi. It makes provision of accommodating a large number of students from North-Eastern states of India. It is located in Dhaka Hostel Complex, Banda Bahadur Marg, Dr. Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi and is about 2 km. from North Campus. It provides a comfortable, congenial and homely environment to the residents. The Provost is the administrative head of the Hostel. For internal administration and day-to-day discipline, the Warden, Resident Tutors and Block Tutors assist the Provost.
Elegantly designed and surrounded by lawns and flower beds, the hostel has 8 blocks/clusters consisting of 394 rooms. The common room, computer room, library and outdoor & indoor sports facility attached to it provides moments of leisure. There is a designated well-maintained visiting area for the visitors of the residents. Apart from these, a Dining Hall is maintained hygienically for students to enjoy their meals.

Policy decisions regarding important administrative issues pertaining to the hostel are discussed with the Managing Committee appointed by the University.

Hostel Members

Dr. Poonam Silotia
Department of Physics
University of Delhi

Dr. Shruti Rai
Department of Sanskrit
University of Delhi

Resident Tutor
Dr. Pratima Rai
Department of Mathematics
University of Delhi